Toronto Movie Project Mission Statement

Who We Are:

Toronto Movie Project is a division of TMP Productions Inc. fully owned and operated by Oliver Olsen.  Each “Toronto Movie Project” is a particular collection of talent and production personnel with specific creative and business goals.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Toronto Movie Project is to produce high-quality, authentic, and entertaining feature films with wide appeal to established movie-loving markets.  This is accomplished by following proven models of success for low-budget yet profitable films and improve on those models to remove traditional barriers of production.

We are Committed to:

Making entertaining movies.

Portraying authentic characters, relationships, culture, location, time, and sensibility.

Telling smart and engaging stories.

Being original.

Working only with passionate people and fueling each other’s passion for the project goals.

Making profits for all involved to sustain life and continue to delight audiences worldwide.

Integrity and respect.


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