four sample scenes to see!

I chose four scenes to shoot as sample scenes.  Without those, I felt it would be almost impossible to give people a sense of the tone, style, and dramatic flavor … not something you can get a clear picture of when reading a screenplay.  I also wanted to show off the actor’s performance.  To show how believable, interesting, and engaging they are!

we have shot sample scenes!

First step was to shoot some sample scenes, which of course will be re-shot next summer but these samples show the characters, the relationships with each other, the writing, and performances – basically, everything we have created this far!  We did two days of shooting and…

come to the script reading!

Ok, it’s time for us to say it, out loud, to everyone who wants to hear exactly what we have produced over these last four months. It’s public script reading time, people! I am telling you, this is a killer process to write a feature-length script. Why? Because it just seems to naturally steer us all away from the inevitable quicksand of creative problems that come up when constructing a story.  Like, for example, what’s it about?  Well, Bye Bye Bathurst is about…

First Draft of Screenplay Done!

A dear friend emailed me the other day: “What’s going on? No blog post since March 5th?” I replied: “No time to write a blog post – using the time to write script!” Not just a clever excuse but the truth! The schedule I set up in January was to have a first draft of the script completed by the end of May. I managed to get it done by… 

SESSION 4 – sam playing the part of the shark in jaws

In Session 4 we had Sam back and needed to do some catch-up with her. Sam is the 17-year-old biological daughter to Diane. Between Session 3 and 4 it became pretty clear that their relationship drives the story, Diane being the centre of that relationship and Kate – Diane’s 24-year-old stepdaughter – being her main source of support. This set up a family ‘love triangle’ which is…

SESSIONS 2 AND 3 - our process and approach for a great movie!

This began with some sleepless nights of excitement. No, not what you think. Rather, the film geek in me thinking about what makes a movie a great movie? And how do you make a great movie with a micro-budget? This led to the following…

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