Sample Scenes Have Been Shot!

Sample Scenes Have Been Shot!

When the project launched the idea was 2-3 main characters, 2-3 locations, 1-3 script days.  Simple, doable, etc.  And the idea was to shoot this summer 2018.  By the end of May, we were on schedule with a first draft of screenplay!  But … 6 key characters, 20 locations, 15 script days.  Not doable this summer.  The only choice was to push it to next summer (and it has to be summer for the exteriors); the story takes place during summer in Toronto.  This triggered something great!  We have the winter to fundraise the budget!

First step was to shoot some sample scenes, which of course will be re-shot next summer but these samples show the characters, the relationships with each other, the writing, and performances – basically, everything we have created this far!  We did two days of shooting and shot four scenes.

Here’s a clip from one of the scenes… just look at it for performance – there is no colour grading or sound editing … and the music, while good, is just thrown on top.  Nothing fancy.  Really just trying to show off the good performances and dramatic flavor.

Once these scenes are edited I will have them put together into a trailer and we’ll be gearing up for our Indiegogo campaign around February, 2019.

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