come to the script reading!

come to the script reading!

Ok, it’s time for us to say it, out loud, to everyone who wants to hear exactly what we have produced over these last four months. It’s public script reading time, people! I am telling you, this is a killer process to write a feature-length script. Why? Because it just seems to naturally steer us all away from the inevitable quicksand of creative problems that come up when constructing a story.  Like, for example, what’s it about?  Well, Bye Bye Bathurst is about something, quite a few things, actually but I won’t let the cat out of the bag on what but the point is, I can’t exactly pin down when it suddenly happened, “Hey, wow – there’s a story here!” And great characters with interesting, dramatic, and funny relationships.  It just happened layer by layer through the improv and rehearsal process.

I have to say, my favorite thing about the story and characters is that they are authentic. Oooh, that feels like a big word – high minded and all that but really, that’s what drove the creative process.  If it didn’t feel authentic, we threw it out and made it our mission to be real.  I remember back in film school they showed us those Neorealist films like “Rome, Open City” which is a story that takes place just after WWII …which is when and where it was also filmed.  Folks, we’re doing the same thing here with Bye Bye Bathurst… it takes place in the summer of 2018 in the Annex of Toronto…and it’s filmed there.

So, come on out to the script reading at 587A College St., Toronto on June 28th at 7 PM … and hear the words! Meet the actors! It a free event!


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