The Very First Post

The Very First Post

Hi!  And thanks for stopping by the website.  This is a look at the homepage when this site began.

I put up this site as the first practical step to get this project done.  Once I have the information on the site about the project and how it works, I’ll be ready to hold auditions for the parts.  I’m intending to make this movie like Mike Leigh does his films.  Basically, casting actors before you have story or script and then writing the script based on improvs and rehearsals with the actors.  I’m not sure if ML gives credit to his actors for the writing but I intend to.  All that and all the other on how it works I’ll be putting on the site soon.

It’s December 30, 2017 and intend to shoot the film during the month of July, 2018.  It will be feature length.

Stay tuned!


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